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Hotel Florence

Often the choice of a hotel influences the perception that we have of the city we are exploring: if you're trying to figure out in which hotel Florence can be appreciated in all its glory, focus on the proposal of the Hotel Rosso 23 that in the luxurious location of Piazza Santa Maria Novella, just a few steps from the train station and the Piazza della Signoria, will allow you to enjoy your holiday in the historic center of the city of the Medici.

Rosso 23 is a hotel in Florence dynamic, energetic and contemporary that will succeed to make you feel all the vibrations that an artistic city charming and stylish as the Tuscan capital is able to convey to those who decide to explore and fall in love with it.

Book now your room at the Hotel Rosso 23 and start dreaming about spending an amazing holiday in this charming hotel: Florence is keen to surprise you, you better be ready to live an experience that you will hardly forget.