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Hotel Florence Tuscany

If you planning to visit Italy and you are wondering which is the best city to book your first night in hotel, Florence, Tuscany, will certainly hold some exciting surprises and the Hotel Rosso 23 is one of them. Located just a few tens of meters from Piazza del Duomo our hotel is without doubt one of the most tempting destinations in town for both its strategic position and for the class and elegance of the interior spaces and furnishings.

With a design based on greys and reds and characterized by a refined and exclusive atmosphere the Rosso 23, more than a simple hotel in Florence, Tuscany, is an elegant accommodation that is second to none: book now your room and find out for yourself the pleasure of spending a holiday here.

If you are planning your ideal journey at the discovery of the the most interesting tourist destinations of Italy choose to begin with a hotel in Florence, Tuscany and treat yourself to a memorable stay at the Hotel Rosso 23 in Piazza Santa Maria Novella. You will get back home with unforgettable memories.